College Consulting for the Multiculturally Minded

Based in Valencia, Spain but serving students across the globe, Hyll College Consulting offers bespoke counseling to current and aspiring college and university students with the aim of ensuring a meaningful, enjoyable, and fulfilling college experience. Our consultants help students navigate the many challenges inherent to choosing, transitioning to, and flourishing in the university environment.


Our founder and chief consultant has a PhD from Harvard University, where he also served in various advisory roles, most recently as academic and residential dean of one of Harvard’s largest undergraduate residential communities.


We have worked successfully with students from all different backgrounds and walks of life who were facing difficulties of every tone and tenor including mental health-related challenges, learning disabilities, and academic and social stressors.


We recognize that each student faces challenges unique to their school, life experiences, and situation. Our strategy is thus custom designed to meet the needs of the specific circumstances in which our students find themselves.

College Application Consulting

Identifying the right college or university, preparing your application, and applying can be difficult. We can help.



Making yourself an attractive applicant involves knowing who you are and ensuring that your prospective college knows it too. To that end, we guide our students in asking themselves difficult questions and making choices in the years prior to application that will give them the best chance at a successful application.



There are over 5000 institutions of higher education in the US alone and 25,000 worldwide. Few things are more important in determining success than finding the right fits. We assist students in identifying the schools where they are best positioned to thrive.



We offer full service application assistance, including essay brainstorming and editing, demonstrating interest, preparing for interviews, and more.

College Success Consulting

From academic and career coaching to tutoring in writing and other skills, our years of Ivy League experience allow us to offer comprehensive services to our students.


Attending college and choosing a major field of study inevitably raises questions about quintessential elements of our identities as people. Hyll helps students parse these fundamental questions in a way that is productive and painless, allowing you to choose the paths that most fulfill you.


We are experts at helping students to master, explain, and write about the most challenging concepts in literary and film theory, philosophical and political discourse, and other humanistic disciplines at all levels from first-year through graduate school. 


Decisions about what to do after college are momentous. We can help you apply for summer internships, Medical, Law, or Graduate School, prestigious fellowships, or jobs. We offer complete application review and editing as well as mock interviews.


Navigating a university’s disciplinary or honor code review process can be intimidating. We have experience guiding students through even the most complex and emotionally trying circumstances, including making or facing allegations of Title IX violations.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our students say:

Our Team

Our team boasts years of experience at Harvard University and other top-rated academic institutions throughout the world.

Adam Muri-Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Chief Consultant

Adam Muri-Rosenthal is a former academic dean and scholar of Italian Studies with a special interest in documentary cinema and the history of Italian cinema. He worked for five years as the academic dean of one of Harvard’s largest undergraduate residential communities and has also served as Associate Dean of Students at Loyola University Chicago’s Center in Rome, Italy. He has extensive experience in academic advising, assisting students with their writing—both for courses and graduate school applications—and guiding them towards the successful completion of their degrees. He holds a BA from Vassar College, an MA from Middlebury College Language Schools, and an AM and PhD from Harvard University. As a Teaching Assistant at Harvard he taught Italian language for five years. He also worked as a lecturer in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures where he taught courses in Italian cinema.

Celeste Moreno Palmero, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Market Strategist

Celeste Moreno Palmero is a former Preceptor of Spanish Language at Harvard University, where she taught Spanish for over 10 years. She is the recipient of 18 awards for teaching excellence from the Harvard University Derek Bok Center for Teaching & Learning. Celeste holds a PhD in Linguistics from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She also holds a licenciatura in English philology and a Master’s Degree in English Linguistics and International Communication. She has done extensive research in the category of Second Language Acquisition, with a particular focus on the use of technology to enrich language and culture learning outside the classroom. Celeste focuses primarily on our Spanish-speaking and international clients.

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Hyll College Consulting is located in the Petxina neighborhood of Valencia, Spain, not far from the Botanical Gardens and the Torres de Quart. For general inquiries or to set up a phone consultation, please contact us by using the form on this page.

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