Immigration Nitty Gritty for Students in Degree Programs Abroad

by Adam Muri-Rosenthal, Ph.D. I often sing the praises of pursuing a degree abroad, but doing so is not without its challenges! One of the principal challenges faced by most students who choose to pursue the amazing benefits of a degree in another country is the bureaucratic one. Each country has its own rules and…
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Pursuing Your Degree in Europe

by Adam Muri-Rosenthal, Ph.D. American students are certainly no strangers to study abroad. Prior to the pandemic, nearly 350,000 US students per year chose—whether for a week, a summer, a semester, or more—to engage in academic study at institutions located outside the United States (NAFSA), primarily in Europe. The far lower number of students who…
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The Prestige Trap and What the Ivies Can Tell Us About Fit

By Adam Muri-Rosenthal, Ph.D. In early April 2021, Ivy League colleges announced their Fall admissions decisions. Continuing a now long-standing trend, they shared news of record-breaking application numbers and their stalwart companion, lower acceptance rates. Much like every year, the news leaves a select few students basking in the glow of their accomplishment, many thousands…
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